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首頁» 學術講座» 【無機化學論壇】 卟啉化學的前世今生與展望

【無機化學論壇】 卟啉化學的前世今生與展望


歷史人物及軼事 -

Pigment of Life

- history, anecdotes, & prospects -


報告人:張啟光(CHANG Chi-Kwong) 教授

Department of Chemistry, Michigan State University


時間:2019827日(周二) 下午2:003:00





(Chris) Chi K. Chang is an Emeritus Professor of Chemistry, MSU. Born in Nanking, he obtained BSc (1969) from Fu Jen Catholic University, Taipei, and PhD (1973) from UC, San Diego, where under Ted Traylor, he made the 1st O2- binding heme models. After postdoctoral work at UBC with David Dolphin, he moved to MSU (1976) and became a full professor in 1982. He studied heme enzyme models and catalysis, synthesized bacterial hemes, and contributed to structural determination and drug development in PDT, with > 240 publications, h index = 62 (orcid/0000-0002-4113-1950). His service included Chemistry Department Head (1998–2005) at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and Distinguished Chair Professor at National Taiwan University and at Institute of Chemistry, Academia Sinica. He has the good fortune to call ShieMing Peng a fierce friend for more than 35 years.

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